Chef Manny Washington

Whether making dinner with my grandma Georgia Bell or baking desserts with my mom Sandra, those experiences shaped the kind of chef I would become today. I am grateful I had the chance to grow up creating memories so rich (so rich I can still smell both of their kitchens!) with the two most important women in my life. As a retired firefighter of the City of Miami, my dad Emanuel Sr. (or, "Pop") also played a defining role in my career by showing me the ways of the firehouse chef. I started off as a rookie making grilled chicken breasts, and now I've been on Cutthroat Kitchen making Flambés.

From cooking for my FD colleagues, to winning my first cooking challenge on TV, my identity as a foodie continues to evolve. Enjoying the opportunity to increase knowledge and culinary skill. Follow me on my journey, and let me fire up your taste buds!!!!!

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