about chef manny


1/2 Chef + 1/2 Firefighter


I am a 11 year Lieutenant & Paramedic with the City of Orlando Fire Department. For as long as I can remember I would always find myself in the kitchen growing up. Whether making dinner with my grandmother Georgia Bell or baking deserts with my Sandra my mom. I was creating memories for which I’m truly reflected on till this day. Life lessons through my father helped stabilized my career with the Orlando Fire Department. As a retired firefighter of the City of Miami, my father taught me life lessons that helped me as a rookie. Over time, this task of cooking became a hobby, into a passion for which I love today. From cooking as a rookie on my first day on the job to now I am lighting up your taste buds and leaving hunger in smoke!!!!


Places Chef Manny FD
has cooked at:

City Of Miami Fire Rescue 4/23/2016

City Of Boca Raton Fire Rescue 4/22/2016

FDNY  9/11/2016

Dekalb County 9/6/2016

Indianapolis Fire Dept 7/22/2016

Clark County Fire Rescue 4/30/2017

Greater Orlando Aviation Authority (GOAA) 10/20/2017

DC Fire Department 06/09/2017

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